Wipe On, Wipe Off

Are you having problems with your windshield wipers not working or functioning properly? Here are 4 problems, solutions and the cost associated with this common problem.

On most vehicles it doesn’t matter whether the vehicle is foreign or domestic, most cars will experience this common problem, sooner or later.

We know that the function of your windshield wipers is to keep your windshield clean and clear especially when it’s raining, snowing, high winds, hail, storms, etc.

  1. Fuse… this small device could be the problem, your fuse box is either under the hood close to your battery or inside your vehicle near the steering wheel or both.
  2. Relay…This relay may be bad causing the wipers not to operate properly. This device is also located under the hood, depending on the make and model of your car sometimes it’s located with the fuses or a separate compartment, the color is usually black but shaped like a square little box.
  3. The Motor…the wiper motor is also a culprit with your wipers over time will go bad and stop working.
  4. The Linkage (Link)…is the mechanical arms that allow the wipers to move, these are small plastic clips on the arms that wear out over time and you just replace these clips. The cost for these items approximately…

Amazon…cost depends on make and model

Wiper motor-$46.00-$95.00



Fuse-pack of 5 $8.00

Shop Mechanics Cost (Average)

$150. to $200.

So be careful and shop around get a 2nd and 3rd opinion if you are trying to save money


It’s the Sway, Baby the Sway!

Knock, knock, knock, that’s the sound you hear when your “sway bar links” are not doing their job. “Links” are a common service item due to either worn or over compliant bushings/joints and possibly bent or snapped center bodies.

Sway Bars improve the handling of your car, truck or SUV by reducing body roll, especially around corners or curves. so when you hear a clunk, knock or an annoying sound coming from your suspension system.

It’s the sway, baby, the sway

Driving without working windshield wipers

I’m driving around without my windshield wipers working on my car, and it’s raining everyday for a week! I never realized how much we need our wipers until I had to drive without them. I’m literally in tears as I had to drive very early in the morning before the sun is up in the sky, and it’s pouring down raining and I can’t see a thing, Has anyone else had to drive without their wipers? Please share your story.

Key Ignition Issue

Someone has an issue when they get into their car, sometimes the key will turn on the car and sometimes it won’t, they have two keys for this car and both keys do the same thing. It’s a 2014 Volkswagon Jetta. Any idea as to what can be done or what do you think the problem is? If you or someone you know has had this issue, please share asap. Thanks Once I find out from my source I will share it.

Oil Leak, OMG!

I have been driving around in my car with an oil leak. I have to put oil in my car every 2 days because the oil light starts to blink on and off letting me know it’s low. Usually the oil leak drips to the ground from the bottom of the car, but this is leaking from the top, which means the gasket is loose (the gasket is just a piece of rubber that stops the oil from coming out.) I have not had the money to get it fixed but will be soon I will share with you the outcome and what it cost me to get it repaired…talk to you soon.

Was the part really replaced?

How many of us were told that a part on the car needed to be replaced and we paid for a new one but found out it was replaced with a used part? Too many times for me and so many of my family and friends. I have learned two things: first, just to be sure you are not being taken advantage of…simply use a marker and make a little “x” some where on the part that is being replaced, someplace no one would look, so when the job is done you can see if the part was removed, this usually won’t apply if you can see that the part is shiny and new. The second thing I’ve learned is…all part replacements don’t require a NEW part, some things are fine when purchased as a used part, but also be aware that there are parts that should never be purchased as used because you don’t know the life it has left in it, it can break down right after you put it in your car. I can help with information on these matters, If I don’t know the answer I know someone who does.

A Transmission Problem?

I was driving on the interstate a few years back and the speed limit was 55, As I approached the interstate my car would not go past 15 miles. I took it to a transmission place and after waiting nearly an hour, the guy comes back to tell me it would cost me $90 dollars to fix the problem. Because I did not know anything about cars and I trusted him, I paid the money…however soon after I got home I didn’t feel comfortable with how quickly the job was done, so I took it to someone else, he looked under the car to see what work had been done, and found that the cap to the transmission had come off (which I didn’t know there was a cap, but of course there is…how would it hold the transmission fluid?) anyway…the guy found that the transmission guy simply stuffed the hole with tissue where the cap would go. I paid $90 dollars for that. If you have a story please share it, it may help someone else. Thanks.